Can't "Renew Now"with my domain and PayPal

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    Hi there,

    I am slowly getting pretty nervous. My domain is running out in January and it seems I can’t renew the domain.

    I loaded 25 Euro (about 28 USD) up to my PayPal account to be able to “renew now”. My domain plus privacy setting would cost me $26.

    The issue I have is the following…

    I click on the PayPal button at check out and type in country and postal code. I click on “Purchase $26 subscription with PayPal”. It sends details to PayPal. I am getting to a page where I can type in either my bank account or a credit card. What? Why? I have balance on my account, and there is a bank account connected to that PayPal account. Even if I type my details into that page again, nothing happens. It’s just completely bugged.

    What’s going on there? I need to renew this domain ASAP. I tried with Firefox, with Chrome… it’s always the same. It doesn’t let me pay with my PayPal balance but asks me for bank details.

    The PayPal page says in German “Fügen Sie ein Bankkonto oder eine Kreditkarte hinzu, um die Zahlung abzuschließen.”, which means “Add a bank account or credit card to complete the payment”. Again, there is a bank account added to the PayPal account. What’s going on?

    Can you please check if this is an error on the WordPress end? Time is running for me :(

    The blog I need help with is


    Also, another question…

    According to this official WordPress article:

    As a German I should be able to pay with GiroPay. Why is this option not shown to me? I am German and from Germany.

    I do really need help here. I just want to renew this domain. This can’t be that difficult. I am member since 2011 and never had so much issues to get my domain renewed.



    Hi there,

    This must be happening because you’re located in Germany and your account’s currency is set to USD. Therefore, I have changed your currency to EUR.

    Can you please try renewing your domain by using PayPal?

    Also, now you should see an option to pay with GiroPay.

    If this still doesn’t work or you have more questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help!


    PayPal still doesn’t work. But now it would cost me €26 and I just have €25 on my account. But since PayPal could easily take the other €1 from my bank account, I assume it is still not working.

    Now I tried GiroPay but it seems that this is no option either because my bank institute isn’t supporting it, according to the GiroPay checking tool. Which is funny, because it’s one of the largest institutes here. But that’s it, my bank isn’t listed in the checkout.

    I am getting the impression that I have to accept that the 8 years with this blog are lost. This is a core melt accident and would make me completely stop blogging.

    Only last option I have is prepaid visa credit card. But I would first need to order one. And I don’t even know if that will work. :( But I think I need to try. I hope I can do it in time.


    Ironically, on the PayPal site… GiroPay is working and knowing my bank institute. That’s funny. I can upload money with GiroPay to my PayPal account.

    Just not in the WordPress checkout.



    Even if you have funds on your PayPal account, you still need a card linked to your account. This is how PayPal works with

    Also, even if you don’t renew your domain on time, your site’s contents will be intact and will always be accessible on the free address


    Again, my bank account is linked to this PayPal account as I mentioned in my very first post. I’ve been using the account since many years, including at If that wouldn’t be the case, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the domain since 2014 or so. So, I paid for the domain 5 years in a row with that PayPal account. And another domain as well.

    There is clearly an error either on WordPress site or PayPal site. Because I repeat myself, even if I add the information’s again, I’m in a loop on that page where I need to add the bank information’s. Because it tells me that I already have a bank account added. It doesn’t take my balance, and it wants me to add a bank account that is already added… it’s a loop. The PayPal page literally says it… “You added this bank account already”.

    If we now need to add a credit card on top of our bank account to PayPal, then this is very new. That was not the case in 2017, because otherwise I wouldn’t have a domain today. I always paid with PayPal.

    I do know that my content will remain on wordpress. I am member since 2011 and could be a Happiness Engineer myself when it’s about these questions. Obviously I am not interested to lose the established domain.

    And apparently I am an unlucky fellow… because the PayPal checkout is broken (still not sure if the issue is on WP side or on PayPal side). And bank is not listed in the GiroPay gateway, even if it’s listen on PayPal’s Giropay gateway. That means, you use a different gateway than they do. One that does not include my bank institute.

    I come back to this thread after I tried some things…

    I did send €2 to my PayPal account to have €27 to be able to pay the €26. Should take a day until the €2 arrived. If the payment still doesn’t work with that balance, I will contact PayPal and ask them why that is the case. This is a verified PayPal account that is over a decade old and heavily uses in the past. I am curious what’s going on. Never had these issues, not even with WP in the past. I hope they won’t tell me the issue is on the sellers side. Because then I am between WP and PayPal.



    If I recall correctly, PayPal requires a card rather than a bank account backing it up for certain transactions, unless that amount is already in the account. Since you’ll have all needed funds there, it should go through just fine. Let us know if you need more help with this!


    My 2€ arrived just today. Which means I do now have €27 and the domain plus privacy would cost me €26.

    Again I tried to pay but it’s not working. Same issue. Getting into the loop of addind bank account data or credit card details.

    I thought “Bad, let’s call PayPal hotline”. A supporter checked my account and said everything is fine. He couldn’t understand it either.

    The only thing I find strange is that there are 14 automatic payment settings of in my PayPal account. When I mentioned this, he suggested to cancel them all, maybe this would work then. But it didn’t really sound like an “Yes, that’s definitely the issue” answer. I think he had no clue what’s going on.

    But still, why does PayPal store 14 automatic debit settings of I mean, I probably had 14 payments in the past… because as said, I paid two domains for several years in a row… I purchased a theme too. Could be that I had 14 transactions with you guys. But why do they still have to be activ in my PayPal account? Could this prevent new payments?

    So far, PayPal doesn’t know what’s going on… an at the moment WordPress doesn’t either.



    The only thing I find strange is that there are 14 automatic payment settings of in my PayPal account.

    Interesting. I count 11 past payment agreements on our end, but none of them are showing as recurring. Please do try clearing those on PayPal’s end and see if that helps. As the payment agreements don’t show as recurring on our end, removing them can’t do any harm.

    I also want to note your domains only expire on 8 and 22 February, respectively, and after they expire there’s still a 40-day window where they can be renewed at the regular price, so we have time to sort this out :)


    Hello Kokkieh and all others,

    You calmed me a bit down, the 40-day window made me feel a bit more easy. :)

    I tried clearing those agreements on PayPal but that didn’t work either. I then contacted them again but nobody there has a clue. Apart from that I tried the typsical stuff like using different browsers, clearing cache and cookies, disabling browser expansions and so on. Nothing worked. I did my research with Google and it seems a lot of Europeans have the problem that PayPal wants them to add a CC. I found very long posts of customers on Flickr, Steam and what not. They all have the same issue with PayPal. Well, that’s how you lose customers PayPal, because the whole point of PayPal becomes useless if I need to add a CC anyways.

    Whatever. It was still a 10/10 experience because it literally forced me to get a credit card. Will prove to be useful in the future. For now it’s just a virtual prepaid card so that I could pay my WP domain quikcly. But I will get a real one, because the whole payment process was easy. Of course I paid from the CC and without PayPal. Which is the irony, because if I have a CC, why do I still need PayPal as a middle-man? :D I don’t. I am definitely done with them.

    Talking about you WP peeps… you guys prove again and again how quickly you try to help us bloggers to solve issues. This time you couldn’t because it was probably not on your end… but generally, keep up the cool work! I want you guys to have a good time! It’s almost Christmas, so have a nice time and good celebrations! My domain is now renewed to 2020, which means I am already celebrating something a bit earlier than you guys!

    Greetings from Germany,




    Thank you Dennis, that was really nice to hear today. Cheers from all of us!

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