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    Please help. I wrongly clicked “like” at my own post. I want to remove it and already tried the solution suggested at the support pages and this forum. I choose Read Post I like. Then my browser go to but soon redirected to and I can’t do anything. The browser showing Freshly Pressed tab highlighted and animated wordpress icon on the center indicating loading but it’s forever. How to solve? I can’t see anything like people said about the expand post, reblog post and remove post button. What’s wrong? I tried two days already using google chrome browser and ie9.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have exactly the same problem. I can’t see anything else than a spinning WordPress logo. I use Safari on a Mac, but have tried several other browsers, with the same result.


    Same problem for me. Very frustrating. Does anyone know another way to remove a post I like?



    Hi all, thanks for reporting this, we are looking into this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!


    I’m also having this issue. How will we know when a solution is established?



    Staff will post into this thread when they have a solution. You can bookmark the thread or you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the thread in the sidebar.



    Hope there will be a solution soon, I have the same problem.


    I’ve just done the same :( ahhh!! I’m so new to this!


    I am also frustrated with this and am awaiting an update. Like others, I accidentally ‘liked’ my own post while installing and trying to figure out this feature.



    Not to worry folks. This is not a catastrophic issue. It’s an annoyance and nothing more that that. Staff are looking into it and will fix it when they determine the cause and have a solution. Please don’t let this little issue deter you from blogging on. Hope you all have a great blogging day! :)



    Other threads reporting the same issue can be found here.


    Thanks, Jenia. I’m having the same problems. Looking forward to the solution!



    Me, too. I didn’t do it accidentally (even worse) I was trying to see what it looked like and figured I could just delete it. Can hardly wait until this is solved. Thanks.



    I’d like to be notified when unliking is enabled again. Thanks



    Please update us when that feature is re-enabled. Thank you! :-)





    I cannot tell from the cryptic remark you posted if you have the same issue or not. Please clarify.


    I am also having the same problem, only I ‘Liked’ someone else’s post on accident.



    Howdy all, thank you for reporting this. It is not possible to “unlike” a post at the moment, however, our team we’ll be looking into adding that functionality. We don’t have an ETA for that at the moment, but do appreciate your input so far. Thanks in advance for your patience!


    You should now be able to unlike a post by clicking on the “Liked” button inside the content area of the post.

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