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    I have an old site that I would like to delete now, but it was made five years ago. This means that I cant log in to the site anymore.

    I can change the password and get in, but when I am logged in, the site will not show.

    I tried to send Recovery messages to, but I still cant access the specific site.

    Regarding security, I even have my phonenumber connected, so I get a SMS each time I log in, but the problem still remains; cant reach my old site.

    It would have been nice to log in, but as I have tried to get access for many months now, I only want to completely delete ths site.

    What to do??



    Please provide the URL of the site in question and the username account it is registered under.



    Every WordPress.COM blog has a sole owner. It is the person with the WordPress.COM username account who registered the blog under that username account and a single associated email address, and who is the original Admin of the blogs registered under that username account.

    You have to be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to access the blog’s dashboard. The Admin login link to the dashboard for every blog hosted by wordpress.COM is:

    * You will have to replace “name_of_blog” with the actual blog’s name in that URL.

    After the blog’s owner logs in clicking this link should display all blogs registered under the same WordPress.COM username account, including the hidden ones:

    If the blog’s owner does not see the blog here then they need to follow this dashboard visibility guide >

    If the log-in information is lost they need to visit

    If you check each and every possible email address and account and are not successful gaining access to the blog(s) then you must complete the form for account recovery at this link and submit it to the Account Recovery Staff, and provide proof ownership, so they can contact you by email ie. not on these public support forums, which are available to everyone with internet access.


    Howdy –

    Please share the URL of the site that you’re trying to access and I’ll try to help. Thank you for tagging this thread, timethief.

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