Can't find option to use subdomain at during setup

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    Hi there. I’m trying to see up a free blog using so that I have the address However, when I go through the site setup process, I’m getting stuck on Step 6 of 7: Give your blog an address.

    The only options I see here all require a paid plan. The screen shows a search box to enter a domain or keyword.

    What am I missing?


    Choose “Business” rather than “Blog” at step 1. The free option is shown at step 5 (of 6) just below the two paid for options (when you enter a word or phrase). You can continue to experiment with the offered subdomain before proceeding.


    Thanks, that did it. It’s a very confusing userflow, it’s highly unlikely someone will be able to figure this out on their own. The very idea of selecting Business implies that you’re generating revenue and that you’d be required to pay for WordPress.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

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