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    Hi all. I’ve taken over a work site as the marketing manager and it contains what seems to be a coded in contact name and email address on all the News pages e.g. this one:

    The person it says to contact, Jo Smith, no longer works at the organisation so this needs to be updated.

    I am reasonably web-savvy but not a coder – and I cannot find how to change this ANYWHERE at the back end, even looking through some of the custom CSS files. I’ve spent at least a couple of hours trying to investigate this myself.

    The element is a div called ‘single-contact’. Screenshot here of my inspection of it:

    I realise it may be tricky to help without going into the back end of the site to look around, but does anybody have any idea how I may be able to find and change this element, or will I have to pay through the nose to get a web developer to fix it?

    Much appreciate any suggestions.



    Hello, you do not need to edit any CSS file to make that change.

    Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

    One of the Widgets there should hold the above mentioned contact information. Edit it there.

    Let me know if that helped!


    Thanks, I have looked through all the widgets and there are none that have any contact details in them.


    It seems that your site isn’t hosted with You might ask your question in the forums or ask the theme’s authors for help.

    However, this kind of information wouldn’t be encoded in any CSS file. It might be somewhere in theme settings or options.

    I hope that helps!


    Ok thanks, I think I’ll have to get somebody to fish around the back end to find this element.

    Useful to know it is not going to be the CSS though, at least that narrows the search.



    PS It’s been customised by web developers before I was working on it so I suspect it is some kind of customisation


    One more idea. Since your theme uses a Visual Page Builder, you can simply edit that page (from the top bar when you’re logged in). It’s likely that the contact information is placed there with some drag and drop kind of box.


    Resolved. I found a tech-savvy colleague to take a look at the back end. It was coded in.

    She says it was “hard coded it into the php, and activated by custom post type in the custom sidebar option in the appearance menu”

    Thanks for your help Sylwia!


    Great! Good to hear you were able to solve it!




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