Can’t Change dimensions on images

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    In the classic wordpress, I could upload an image. Let’s say it was 1200 x 800 (just as an example). However, I wanted it to be half that size. I could enter in the new dimensions and it would adjust it. When wordpress went to the ‘blue’ editor, that option was no longer available. I could crop, but that’s about it. So, i would go back to the classic editor and then bounce back and forth. Now, with the block editor, all I can do is rotate, crop, or flip. So, I have to ‘dumb down’ the image in another app and then upload it. is there a way to change the dimensions like there used to be? (I don’t want to just ‘shrink’ the image because it’s still the same size in terms of storage. I actually want to make it smaller.) thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

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