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    I started a WordPress account with my uni email. Now that I have finished my studies my uni has closed the email.
    I have tried all I can to get my site back still no luck.
    I don’t have access to my blogs either.
    How can I access my blogs back please and change my email address?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    At any point of time, if you lost your login credentials still you can recover your WordPress site using Account recovery form.

    See below Link.

    I hope it helps.




    Thank you for this.

    However, I need to provide the Transaction ID

    Activation URL

    Do you have two-factor authentication codes?

    I don’t have access to my emails so I am unable to get these details.

    It doesn’t let me continue without it :(


    I will add “modlook” tag to bring it on staff attention.




    Still no luck.

    This is the message I am getting

    To help recover your account, we require some information from you to verify your ownership of the account. Please note that we are unable to recover an account without proof of ownership.



    Hi there,

    Please contact your university and ask them to temporarily restore your email account so that you can reset your password and access your account. Then you’ll be able to change the email address to another one:

    If you don’t have any other proof of ownership as mentioned in our Account Recovery guide we won’t be able to help you restore access to that account.

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