Can't access my site from but can from the app

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    I have a site that I currently access from my iPad using the app. I have set up on my laptop to access from the web but whilst can log in I do not have a site there. I have noticed that I have managed to create two different user names, one in each site. How can I change the user names to match? I have tried and both devices refuse to allow me as they see the change as already existing.
    Also, is there any other reason I may not be able to access my site from
    The blog is



    Hi Wic,

    You’re not logged in as the account that owns that domain. The poguewic account you’re using to post here was only created in September, doesn’t own any sites, and isn’t a user on the site at

    That domain was registered in March, months before your account even existed.

    If you can access it from the app, it means you’re logged in as the correct username there. You can check the Me/profile section in the app to see the username you’re logged in as there. Log in as that same username in your browser, and you’ll be able to access the site from your browser as well.

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