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    The two sites linked to my email are the first sites I TRIED to create and failed. My brother finally helped me get one going (2016) and that’s the one I was using. I can view the posts, but I can’t add new posts or edit existing ones.

    I could always just log in on my Chromebook and it automatically connected. Now, the “W” on the corner that allowed me to do that is gone. I’m panicking a bit because it seems I can’t “talk” to anyone! Can someone help me?

    The site that I want to access is but it’s not listed on my sites. (When I tried to post earlier, it switched my location to one of the different sites.)

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Michelle!

    The site you mentioned,, was created under a different account so you’ll need to use another email address to log into that one. Do you remember the address with which you’ve created it?

    If so, use it to log in and, in case you forgot your password, you’ll be able to reset it from this link:

    If that does not help, check out this page and fill out the Account Recovery form to regain access to the account:

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