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    I send messages on our website to see if they appear in our comments, and they do not. How do I correct this? Unknown
    Jetpack: Yes
    Correct account: Unknown



    Hi there, since you haven’t provided the address of the site you need help with, I can only give you general information for sites hosted here on

    Information submitted through the integrated Jetpack contact form goes to the Feedback tab in your site’s Dashboard, not to comments.

    If you are using the open source WordPress software on your site with a different contact form plugin, you’ll want to consult the plugin author directly.

    To better understand the differences between, where we are, and the open source WordPress software, this is a good read


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    Thank you justjennifer for your reply. Our site is I am not familiar with some of the terms but can only tell you that I am not listed as an administrator on our site. I can view the dashboard and there is nothing in feedback.

    I used to be able to , and can still see older comments, some very recent, and have replied to them and see those.However, when I send comments from my personal email, they don’t appear on my dashboard, only the administrator.

    So I have no way of knowing if someone has a question, (unless the administrator notifies me). (email visible only to moderators and staff)



    Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your website. However, your site is not hosted with It is a site using the open-source WordPress software (from but hosted elsewhere.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities: has complete documentation for self-hosted/installed versions of at and support at

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