Cannot login because of two steps authentication

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    I can’t login into my blog because of the two step authentication. I’ve been formatted my phone and the authenticator apps has gone. I’ve tried to send the recovery with SMS. It told that the SMS has been sent, but I didn’t get the SMS up until now. So how do I recover my blog

    The blog I need help with is



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    I’ve sent you an email to resolve this. Please follow up with me there!



    I have replied the email. Thank you for your help guys.



    I have the exact same problem. Although the message is that SMS is sent, no SMS received



    @apiedapie – It looks like you printed back up codes when you enabled two step authorization. Can you use one of those codes?


    Hi @shawnajroberts – I have been trying to contact support guys since past 2 days and couldn’t get any response. I am very sad that being a paid WordPress customer, I received no proper response. I lost my account access – I lost Authenticator application access and Backup codes too.

    Please help me ASAP. I seriously need your help. Please reply and help me ASAP.


    SMS says sent, but never received.


    @sreekanthchaladi – I’ve responded to you in another thread and sent you an email. In the future, its best to start your own thread and add the tag ‘modlook’ to get staff attention.



    @shawnajroberts – Thank you sooooo much. It worked. Sorry buzzing you for a while, but I am left with no other options :)

    Thank a lot for your support.




    Thanks, all is fine now. Got all (20) SMS when I returned home, literally when crossing the border. Is there a setting to enable or prevent receiving SMS abroad?


    @apiedapie – You can usually do this through your phone carrier. The other option would be to turn two step authentication off, or switch it to an authenticator app, while you’re abroad.

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