Cannot get markdown to work.

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    I’m using the free plan, so could that the be the problem.

    The side bar says I’m in markdown mode. Also, I pasted my markdown into the space where it says to place it. Also, the markdown does work in Obsidian.

    I’ve noticed on several forum posts that markdown needs to be enable, but I cannot find anywhere to enable it.

    The blog I need help with is



    Happy to say I solved my own problem. Markdown does work on the free plan.

    What I did wrong was to copy markdown from Obsidian, then pasting it directly into the WordPress editor. Because I copy / pasted, I pasted the spaces (margin) that Obsidian has in front of each line into WordPress. In WordPress the markdown code has to be flush up against the left margin with no spaces.

    I took out the spaces and it worked.



    Nicely done! And nice sleuthing work. Let us know when you run into any other questions. :)

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