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    Hi, Im unable to delete my website. Please advice, Thank you




    Kindly try following this guide –

    I hope this helps!



    Hi there,

    It appears that you filed a chargeback with your bank against us for part of your payment, instead of contacting us for a refund. When you file a chargeback against us you are accusing us of fraud, which causes the funds to be frozen and your site to be locked.

    You won’t be able to delete that site until you either pay the chargeback fee on your account or cancel the dispute against us. If you cancel the dispute in time I’ll be able to restore your site so you can delete it, and then we can refund your payment. However, if you don’t cancel the dispute, or it’s already too far along in the process, you’ll need to pay the chargeback fee to unlock your site, and you’ll only receive your refund once our payment processor concludes their investigation into the dispute – a process that can take upwards of eight weeks.

    You can read more here:

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