Cannot archive old posts!!

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    Struggling to archive old posts while redesigning. I have followed the normal instructions – using bulk actions, edit and then selecting archive from the dropdown – except archive is not an option, so I’ve just resorted to keeping them private for now. I’ve added the archive widget but that’s not changed anything either (I’ve tried it while the posts were private and published)
    If anyone knows how to resolve this, it would be much appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The WordPress software doesn’t have an archive for posts like you’re looking for.

    With email you have an inbox, and then you can remove items from the inbox without deleting them by just archiving them. But blogs don’t work that way. Your main posts list that appears on your Blog page/front page IS the archive of your site. In other words, the moment you publish a new post, it’s already in the archive, and there’s no way to remove a page from the main posts list short of completely deleting it.

    What you’re trying to do is not possible. Period.



    Thanks for replying.

    Please humour me a little. Is this advice not accurate?

    Basically, I’m relaunching my site but I want to keep the old posts somewhere but not have them in the main body of the site. Is there anyway of doing that other than deleting them?

    Thanks again



    wpbeginner publishes tutorials for the self-hosted version of WordPress, called If you read that tutorial carefully, you’ll see archiving is enabled by installing the Archived Post Status plugin.

    Plugins are add-on programs you can install on the self-hosted version of WordPress that changes how the software works. On its own, archiving is not supported on the WordPress software.

    On, plugins can only be installed if you have the Business Plan, and otherwise, like the self-hosted WordPress software, does not support an archive feature for posts.

    All the tutorials on wpbeginner apply to self-hosted WordPress, so nothing you find on that site will necessarily apply to your site. The only official documentation for can be found here:

    And the only official tutorials for are found here:

    Anything else you find online is for the self-hosted version, unless the tutorial author very specifically says it’s for Even then, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of any tutorials that are written by third parties.

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