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    Hello – I transferred my domain to wordpress after purchase of 2 years, even though it said wordpress was going to charge me on top of the 2 years i’d already purchased, I would like to have my domain back but the service i purchased it through said its currently listed as one of your domains. Can I please have this transferred to my square space site? It has already been cancelled



    It looks like you’ve canceled the domain name, meaning you no longer own it.

    Please let us know which of these options works best for you:

    Wait: You can wait about five days for the domain to be released. So long as no one else buys it before you do, you can purchase it again with another provider.

    Repurchase the Domain: We can send an invoice and restore the domain. You’ll be able to point it to a new host as soon as it’s restored, then transfer the registration after 60 days.

    Repurchase a Plan: To host your site here after all, buy a plan, skip the domain option, then update us here.

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