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    Help please! I (apparently) made a typo when registering my domain name, I need to re-register and cancel the mistyped domain name purchase.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post:

    • the URL for the sub-domain blog you are attempting to domain map from;
    • the wrong URL for the domain ie. the one with the typo;
    • the correct URL for the domain.

    Then Staff will have the specific details they need to make the change when they enter this thread to assist you.


    I need to cancel Transaction ID: 8PH57065BH1215516, I have already re-purchased the correct domain name (


    Please keep domain name:
    Please keep and map from:

    Please confirm. Thank you.



    We can cancel and refund your domain,, but you may not be able to get it back later. Is that okay?



    I believe I accidentally purchased the domain name twice. Please cancel domain name: I purchased it once then canceled. I went back and clicked “Renew” to “undo” the cancellation; it’s not showing that it will be renewed in 2013. Please cancel the domain. Period. Thank you & my apologies for the mixup.



    mankim87, we can cancel for you, but please note you may never be able to re-register it.

    Would you like me to proceed?

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