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    I can’t downgrade or cancel my plan because I didn’t actually sign up for one. But now I’ve been charged a year later!! Help!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    Can you share us the site URL for which you have been charged?
    So we can further look into this.


    Umm I’m not even sure if it’s a working one.
    My friend tried to set this up two years ago for me.


    Ok so I think it does take you to a page. But I still can’t figure out how to cancel? Not sure why I’ve been charged either. Very confusing 😞



    Hi there, is on our free plan, so it’s not possible that you could have been charged for that site.

    The only way you could have received a charge for a plan is if you bought one, as the checkout page for buying a plan is the only possible way we could have gotten your credit card details in order to charge you.

    If you’re not sure for what upgrade or site you’ve been charged, please search for the charge at You can also use the Contact Us link on that page to contact our billing support team directly for further help with this – to track down the transaction we’ll need to get some additional information from you which we cannot discuss here in the public forums.

    @kruttikapatil, please tag threads like this for staff, as you have no ability to “further look into this” as you promised above.

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