Can you Allow readers to download PDF’s? How?

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    I write a blog about building affordable homes, using recycled materials. It’s gritty, humorous, and sometimes challenging.
    In order to share “technical information” i.e. how to actually build a solar collector, or insulate a shipping container, for example, I have compiled several PDF files. But how can I post and then link to them, allowing my readers to download them?

    Do I have to find a place external to WordPress to put the files, first? Or can I use my media storage area?

    I’d love to figure this out. It’d help my blog grow…

    Thanks for any help you can offer…


    aka Alex

    The blog I need help with is



    Just insert the link to the file in your post or page. Whenever someone clicks on it, the file will either download to their computer or open in Adobe Reader, depending on how the user has defined action for PDF files.


    @ justjennifer: Thanks for the advice! I appreciate that you took the time to answer, and I appreciate even more… the fact that you were absolutely right! LOL!
    Now I can bombard my readers with more details they probably don’t need! LOL!
    Again, thanks!

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