Can pages be used like this?

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    I want to use password protected pages on my site for internal discussions amongst selected users.

    1. These pages will not appear in the menu.
    2. The pages will be password protected. So general viewers wont be able to see them.
    3. Contributors/Authors will create pages enable comments so that discussion is possible.
    4. The password will be distributed amongst the selected users only.
    5. these pages will be made child pages of one parent page: “Opinions”
    6. The “Opinions” page will show the list of all child-pages using shortcode.

    Now please tell me:

    • Will this scheme (technically) work ?
    • Is the above scheme foolproof ?
    • If not, what care should I take to make it foolproof ?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi prasadkb, sounds like you’ve got this. New child pages don’t appear in most menus by default (and if they do on your theme, you can disable that). They can be password protected, chidpages, etc.

    Do note the list pages shortcode (and most other shortcodes, really) can have their results cached periodically, so new pages might not show up immediately if you use a shortcode.

    Where you say foolproof, can you clarify what you *don’t* want to happen, and clarify more what your goals are?

    Also, if this content is to consistently be distributed among the same team members each time, have you considered just making the whole site private?



    Hi Supernovia,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. Let me be more specific:

    Actually these are discussions about unfinished techno-scientific projects and every project will be made free after it achieves certain status. However, we always refrain from declaring/leaking of raw-projects. I expect that only authorized persons should be able to see the internal discussions. If the above scheme works, we wish to use it for all our future internal discussions.

    About the caching problem you have mentioned, how much is the cache refresh period ? The main page will be uploaded by its author and then, others will discuss the issue. I plan to use the child-page list as an index-page of internal discussions.

    Our site has two parts. One is for general viewers and they see the posts. So making the whole site private seems to be unpractical. The other option is to create a new site only for internal discussions and making it private. I am already considering that option, but again the users will have to enroll again for the new site, which I don’t want.

    Thanks again.
    –prasad mehendale



    That should work. :)

    The caching around the shortcodes is aggressive, but will always clear within 24 hours.



    I finally decided to use a separate private site for internal discussions. I might use the password protected page scheme for something else.
    Thanks again for your valued advice.

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