Can I use a contact form as an order form?

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    Hi everybody,

    I’m setting up a website for handmade cards, wedding invitations, etc. that I’m making, and as it is not possible to set up an e-store on, I was wondering if I could use a contact form as an order form, without breaking any rules or ignoring WordPress’ policies? My idea was that customers would fill in the order form (contact form) and I would e-mail them back with my PayPal details so they can send their payment. I could easily add a PayPal ‘Buy it Now’ button, but orders would be customised to the customer’s needs; for example, for orders for wedding invitations, the customer would have to fill in fields for the bride’s name, groom’s name, reception and ceremony venues, etc, something that would not be possible with the PayPal button.

    The website in question is currently set as Private, as it is still under construction.



    Hi there,

    You can indeed sell items on your site as long as they are items which are manufactured or produced by you. In other words, you can sell CDs on your page, but only if you are the recording or producing artist. You cannot just resell the work of others.

    As long as what you are looking to sell fits these requirements, that isn’t a problem.



    Awesome, thank you, amightywp!

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