Can I turn off the infinite scroll update (Twenty Eleven theme)?

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    Dear @timetheif, I am a twenty-ten user and this infinite scroll has made a terrible mess of things. I agree with the person who said above that it is like reading a book printed on toilet paper (I register my protest). Is there, at present, a known remedy to this malady?



    Is there, at present, a known remedy to this malady?

    Umm … no. I chose to switch themes.



    @timethief, thank you. That is a huge pain in the backside. Could you recommend a theme that is similar – see, I do like this one.



    I’m not inclined to recommend themes to others. I went back to using the white/white version of Inuit Types as I have always liked that theme.



    For my blog ( with the Twenty Eleven theme, I activated the Showcase Template which has forced the “termination” of my front page and has put back my footer widgets after a reasonable page’s length. That is, as I’ve set Settings -> Reading -> Maximum 5 posts per page, that’s what appears on my front page.

    It’s not what I intended, as only the title of posts 2, 3, 4, and 5 are shown in the Showcase template. However, this ‘hack’ provides enough for the time being.

    p.s. @timethief: it’s been nice being here in Vancouver for a few weeks … :)



    someone please tell me how to disable this infinite scrolling… i hate it



    I am using Twenty ten too. I hate this infinite scrolling… it has made my blog exactly what I don’t want it to be! Is that some type of forced feature?!! I have drawings in every post and they are all set in order to fit this template and I’ll have to do that again if I change the template.
    After this change, there is also another new issue too; each time I go to the home page, I am counted as a reader in stats. Is that something related to this WP’s creative action of infinite scrolling too?


    If the past is any guide, there never will be a way to disable it. Other “features” have come along and people have asked for a way to disable them and we never got it.

    There is always hope though.



    Can I remove it?


    Nope. Not unless AutoMATTic take pity on us and give us a way to disable it.





    Is WordPress trying to be more like Tumbler now?



    Wow, I’m glad I didn’t switch to twenty eleven. I had other reasons. I’m still on Duster..


    I posted this response on another thread, but just to make sure someone at WordPress reads this soon …

    Dear Matias and everyone else at WordPress,

    I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of dissent. I think this was a bad idea for two reasons: (1 As noted above, the infinite scrolling renders footer widgets null and void on the main page. Because many readers only read posts on the main page, they will miss those widgets, which could be significant for the blogger. (2) It is one thing to introduce across-the-board, behind-the-scenes changes such as how and where our full stats are viewed. But to change the public aspect of a few themes without consulting users of those themes was an error in judgment.

    I hasten to add that I am overwhelmingly happy with WP and recognize that I get a lot of value for free (although I have been buying additional options regularly the last couple of years). And, when you are constantly innovating, you are not going to get everything perfect. But one sign of a great company is that it acknowledges its mistakes and rectifies them. You have an opportunity to do that now.

    Might I suggest the following steps?

    1. Put Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven back the way they were.
    2. Investigate the feasibility of an opt-in button. If it works, go for it. But people should have to opt in rather than out.
    3. If opting in does not work, create a single “infinity” theme or parallel ones and give people the choice.

    Thanks again for all that you do. Please take my comments, as well as those of others, into consideration.

    John Zimmer


    When is everyone going to realise that everyone who uses is just a guinea pig? We’re here to be free testers of the software that self-hosters on will end up with in their version upgrades. So, it doesn’t really matter where you want to be – here or on, you’re gonna get these changes anyway.

    As for these changes only being limited to 2010 and 2011 themes… oh yeah? I bet they’ll change the other themes to ‘infinity scroll’ too.

    The whole internet is changing. It always has.

    @mannerofspeaking – you don’t need to repost on another thread. People who read the forum will see your original one.

    @timethief – trying to keep ones blood pressure down and blogging on don’t seem to be very compatible. It certain has been elevating my BP for quite a long time.

    The only hope is that because this was posted to the forum where we can have a say rather than on their blog, that staff might change this ****ing stupid new change.



    I think this happened because a) they observed that a lot of Tumblr themes have an infinite scroll option (somehow overlooking the fact that it is an option, probably because none of them use Tumblr on a regular basis and don’t know how much control blog owners get) and b) they were already rolling in infinite scroll code for the theme admin page, so it was an easy hack.

    This makes me think they’re probably putting infinite scroll in Twenty Twelve too, and are using us as a testing ground to see how people deal with it as a default setting.



    When we choose a theme is because we evaluate everything about it, they cannot change it like this. When offering a service, even if it’s free, one gets duties. I, for example, use wordpress for informal updates of a national institution. I had all the contact info in the bottom widgets and they just disappeared. We can’t afford loosing these infos just because they feel they should update the theme. Create a new one for such purposes.


    If this sticks around, look for it to likely show up in other themes here as well. No sense not spreading the pain around.


    @ thesacredpath – Exactly.



    Thank you for sending me the link, Absurdoldbird – I thought my blog had broken!

    Do the WordPress staffers want to give us all heart attacks?!

    PLEASE GUYS, give us the option to turn this stupid feature off!

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