Can I place Banner Ads?

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    Can I place Banner Ads in my blog. Does allows this without de-listing us.

    The blog I need help with is



    Absolutely not unless you gave the traffic numbers and contents and have been accepted into the AdControl program or the VIP program, you would be breaching the TOS you agreed to in order to have a blog at

    Read > and advertising >

    Also there very fact that you are asking this is a strong indication that you will not be happy at I suggest that you hire a webhost and download a free software install from wordpress. ORG. See >



    Thanks TT as you rescued me once again.
    Yah its true that doesn’t allows us to earn money with the help of ads , adsense or affiliates which Blogger does but I don’t like blogger coz of its internal messy code.

    I am happy what I have.



    this is usefull information for me as well as a newbie blogger here at



    You’re welcome. Web hosting is not very expensive and anyone who wants to make money is entering the realm of “business”. In business realm the status quo is that we spend a little money to make more money. Unfortunately, free hosts like Blogger that owns Google allows advertising on free blogs. What this has led to is the escalation of spamming, scamming, splogging and click fraud.

    Currently there are legions of blogspot scammers, spammers, plagiarists, sploggers and click fraud groups with stables of free hosted Blogger blogs that they pimp out for pennies from Adsense. The internet is being polluted with duplicated content and the relevancy of search results clearly reflects this and where it’s coming from.

    I would like to see Blogger set some original and unique blog content only standards for bloggers being allowed to run Adsense or any advertising at all to reduce the duplicated content. Then I would like to see Matt Cutts and his Google spam team follow through and bring the hammer down hard on blogspot scammers, spammers, plagiarists, sploggers and click fraud groups.



    You’re welcome.:) May I ask you to bookmark this link to support documentation for future use?

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