Can I delete a user without also deleting their content?

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    I have an co-administrator (not the blog owner) who has contributed a lot of content to our wp site. She’s leaving the group and we would like to delete her as a user but we don’t want to delete her content.

    On you are given the option of transferring content from one user to another when you delete a user but I can’t find anything to let me know whether that is also the case on At the moment I am faced with an intimidating “remove user” option but no indication whether it is also going to remove her content.

    Can anyone advise whether user content is also deleted when you remove a user?

    And if yes, can anyone advise how to transfer one user’s content to another user so I can keep the content and remove the user?

    That would be great.

    The blog I need help with is


    As far as I can remember, when deleting a user you are given three choices:

    1. keep the content and keep the author name as is
    2. keep the content and change the author name to someone else (pulldown choice)
    3. delete the author’s content when deleting the author.

    Sadly I cannot find anything in the support documents on this (I’m sure it was there at one time).



    Thanks – I couldn’t find anything in the support documentation either. I guess I am just going to have to back up the site and take a deep breath.



    Ok – I took the plunge.

    You are not giving three choices. The user is simply deleted instantly and permanently.

    Their content appears to stay behind. Well – at least at this stage it is still there. I cleared my cache and checked in another browser as well. Still there.

    So there you go.

    thanks anyway.



    You could use the bulk edit feature to move the Posts to another user first – then delete the user.



    Interesting idea. Can you share any links or support info as to how you do a bulk edit of that nature.




    I went to a site that has two authors – clicked on a couple three of the Posts then the Bulk Edit feature and a series of boxes opened up and the one on the far right side had change author as an option.

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