Can I change my custom domain on Premium plan for free?

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    I am administrating one blog, which is on Premium plan. I already have custom domain, but I want to change it. Remove existing, and add another. How do I do that, can I change it for free, or do I have to pay anonther 13$ for custom domain, I already have purchased?



    Hi there. Custom domains can’t be changed once you’re past the 48hour refund window. When you buy a custom domain it is registered for one year with ICANN, the body that regulates all domains on the internet, so this isn’t merely an upgrade/money issue.

    If you want a different custom domain you need to register/map a new one.

    You can cancel the old domain, but you can also just keep it until it expires, as you can have more than one domain on the same site. Just set the domain you want to be visible to visitors as your primary domain on the My Domains screen.

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