Can a blogger choose the format in which she'd like to READ blogs? (NOT onSwipe)

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    Have to say first that I LOVE WordPress.
    This iPad-addict HATES the iPad-view which is set as the default (and in which, therefore, I am presented most people’s blogs). I’m continually waiting for the standard site to load, blog by blog, so I can enjoy the personalized formats which people have gone to the trouble of using to express themselves–AND so I can “like” a post or “follow” a blogger. I’d love it if I could choose–as a READER of blogs–to view in the standard, rather than the onSwipe, format. Please, please un-“wow” the view for me!
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    I love WordPress too. :)

    We appreciate your feedback. The OnSwipe setting is here to stay for now, but I will pass on your suggestion to allow readers to have the choice to turn it off.

    Thank you.



    I deeply appreciate you taking the suggestion into consideration. (Alternative or additional thought–if the OnSwipe included easy “like” and “follow” options, I’d hate it less… And/or if the “view standard site” option were available at the top, so I wouldn’t have to scroll down, wait for all the pictures to load, etc.).
    Truly, I don’t expect to be “catered to” just because I do all my WordPressing by iPad… But it’s off-putting to have the experience made LESS enjoyable in the iPad format.
    Thanks for listening–and again, I DO love WordPress!


    I will pass this along for you.



    Same Topic, Another Nudge…

    Bloggers aren’t really pleased when they realize the implications of the “default settings” on their blogs… Please see comments on the linked post; with my 500+ followers re-posting and re-tweeting, this one will probably circulate.

    Thanks again for passing it along.



    At the bottom of every OnSwipe-enabled blog there, a link to return to the normal view.



    Yes, true. And every iPad reader I know uses that link rather than viewing in the OnSwipe format. We’d love the option of skipping the OnSwipe silliness altogether.



    For now, the display of the blog (and consequently the decision to use OnSwipe) is entirely up to the blogger. Viewers can enable/disable as desired, but it’s up to the blogger to choose how they want their site to be initially presented.



    I realize that–though most bloggers DON’T realize that their “default” settings include the OnSwipe, or the repercussions of the OnSwipe presentation for themselves as bloggers (readers unable to “like” or “follow,” unable to see the themes, etc.) The fifty-plus (and still growing) list of comments on my post of just two days ago will give you a feel for how bloggers feel about the subject.



    Thanks, we’ll definitely consider what your saying, but for now we feel that the initial display of the blog is up to the blogger, not the viewer.



    That’s a great philosophy in theory–but then why is it pre-selected for bloggers as a default setting? Even bloggers who use iPads themselves and hate OnSwipe commented that they didn’t know it could be gotten around. I think your Happiness Engineering would be better accomplished by leaving it up to bloggers to select OnSwipe IF they want it.

    A sampling of comments:

    “thanks for this! 1 of my whopping 5 blog readers told me this very thing. she reads my blog from her iPad and wanted me to know that she loves me but her device doesn’t give her the option to “like” me”

    “Done. As another iPad reader, that was driving me absolutely insane. I’m so glad that there’s an option to disable that crap.”

    “Done. Not having an iPad, I had no idea. Like so many WP things I don’t understand, I’ll add this to my list and try to spread the word.”

    “Done that! Thanks a lot! I never know I can actually change that!”

    “Settings adjusted. I noticed the on swipe when viewing on my iPad, but like many others had not poked around with the settings to see what was root cause.”

    “Thank you so much for sharing that info with me. I wondered what happened to my theme and now, thanks to you, I know. It really isn’t right to apply that app without our permission or consent. There are people who don’t have or use a mobile device. Now I know why so many people don’t use wordpress.”

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