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    8 to 10 days that the “reblog” button is absent …
    all my web site are like, but, other wordpress site are same.
    what can i do ?
    xp 32 sp 3 and fire fox last version.

    thnaks for help

    The blog I need help with is raimanet.wordpress.com.



    Check out your Reblog button settings. For this go to your WP Admin -> Settings -> Sharing. Almost at the bottom of this section you’ll find two options for the reblog button. Make sure you have the “Show reblog button on posts” selected. Don’t forget to Save Changes.
    Hope this helps.



    Not sure this adequately addresses the concern, what many of us have noticed. Blogs that used to show a reblog option have all suddenly stopped showing the customary, easily-viewable reblog option. En masse. Both in the Reader, and at the sites’ homes. All gone, all at once. Did something change?

    This can’t be due to each individual blog not selecting the preference in settings. Unless the settings that were there a week or two ago have been purged, and now members have to manually update it in order to restore that feature that allows a plainly-visible reblogging button.

    The question: why did so many WordPress sites lose its reblog button? All at once?


    Please see this thread posted as a “sticky” at the top of the Forums: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/action-bar-feedback?replies=49

    We discuss the Reblog button there, too, along with other issues with the “new” Action Bar.



    I went to the “sticky” thread suggested, and I checked to make sure my “show reblog…” button was chosen. Yes, it is chosen. And, that sticky thread doesn’t say what to do about getting that reblog button back.

    I also noticed that my “follow/following” button from the top action bar is gone.

    Is this being worked on? I really wanted to reblog someone and can’t seem to find a way to do it.

    Thanks for any additional info you can give us,


    loridr, whether your blog shows the Reblog button doesn’t make any difference if you want to reblog someone else’s post. It’s their blog that needs to have the Reblog button enabled.

    In the meantime, you can manually make a short post with a short excerpt and link to their blog post.



    The reblog button isn’t showing on mine or anyone else’s I follow either, and it used to be there.

    My reblog button is on in the settings.

    Is there a reason the “follow/following” button isn’t showing anymore? Is it supposed to be that way with the new changes?



    I have the same questions as you do, loridr. That’s why I suggested the main thread on the Action Bar as staff are sometimes responding to our comments there.

    If a blog has Reblog enabled and Likes enabled, both will show up at the end of the blog post. Both must be enabled or the Reblog button will not show up.

    For an example, scroll to the end of this blog post: https://onenessofhumanity.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/thank-you-kevin-blanch/

    You can find both the Reblog button and the Like button.



    Great. I see it. Thanks for sharing that link.

    I see a follow button down in the right hand corner now, too.

    I appreciate you responding to me.

    Thanks again,


    You’re welcome, Lori.

    The Following button did go to the “new” Action Bar. But so far the “likes” and “reblog” have not. Still don’t know if those are related or not. But I asked the question(s) on the Action Bar Forum post.


    Raimanet, and others:

    See designsimply’s comment: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/action-bar-feedback/page/3?replies=62#post-2456203

    She suggests using the Press This function while the Reblog buttons are missing. I actually prefer this over the Reblog as you can easily edit the post and save it as a draft before publishing.

    I have Press This listed at the bottom of all blog posts in the “More” section. I may move it so it can be seen more readily.



    before the “rebblog” button was on the top bar, now gone! before it was possible to choose the site that send the “rebblog” it also disappeared.
    it starts really do much missing to continue to use the basic functions in WP. which will rectify all that mess? has the force it will go elsewhere … and it’s a shame.

    best regards !
    raimanet & boycottworld


    Best regards to you, too, Raimanet.

    I did move the “Press This” function in the share box under the blog posts to the first position. Hope that helps.



    Update: I’ve noticed that the reblog button is, yes, available below the post at many WordPress member sites.

    But – is no longer present at mainstream WordPress-powered news and entertainment sites (TIME magazine, Fortune, Variety magazine, etc.) and tech sites (9to5Mac, Techcruch) so there appears to be a distinction between bigger (news) and smaller (blogs) WordPress sites.

    Has anyone else noticed the same pattern?


    The Reblog button will show only if both the Reblog and Likes are enabled in the WP-Admin, Setting, Share section. Some reason they are linked to work together.



    oops! could you be more specific? perhaps even show an example! because for me it’s still and always the same song! no … situation.
    Thank you.



    Post to https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/action-bar-feedback?replies=74 only as this thread will be closed.


    Raimanent, wordpress.com is making changes to the Reblog button. There’s not much more we can do at this moment.

    I added the “Press This” to the Share section at the end of my blog posts (the one with Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Please use it for the time being.

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