Bugs in Neutra?

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    Really love Neutra but having some problems.

    1. When a post has a tag which is the same as its category, the category link doesn’t link to the category but the tag. Example: http://jprtr.org/2011/06/17/the-fling-festival-2011-chelmsford/ [see “14 Hour”]

    2. I can’t get images to work consistently. I’d like to set all images to open in their own page [example: http://jodyporter.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/the-fling-festival-2011.jpg%5D but I can’t get all to do it [example: http://jprtr.org/2011/07/08/zuul-in-chicago/%5D I’ve tried setting it in image properties.

    If these can be fixed, or any workarounds welcome!


    The blog I need help with is jprtr.org.


    a. Categories should be the main sub-groups of your posts, while tags should be characteristic keywords associated with the content of a particular post.
    b. For search engines and for the global WP pages, categories and tags are exactly the same thing.
    For these two reasons, there’s no point using the same word or phrase as both a tag and a category – plus you’ll run into technical problems if you do that.

    To make an image open in its own browser window, you must click “File URL” before inserting it. See here:



    Thanks – strange that I have to reinsert the image it to make it work, but that does the trick.

    Maybe it’s overkill to reinforce the context of a post by using the same word as a both category and as a tag, but if I want to do that I think neutra ought to work as you would expect it to. Haven’t seen this behaviour elsewhere but it’s not a deal-breaker.


    Maybe you hadn’t noticed it before. How tags and categories work isn’t theme-dependent.
    And using the same word as both a category and a tag isn’t “overkill”, it’s absolutely useless as well as problematic.



    Tags are treated differently to categories in all sorts of contexts. Tags appear in global tag listings, for example. Categories don’t. If I happen to really like a specific type of car and blog about it all the time I might assign it its own category. But I would then still want to tag it with the same name so those posts show up in tag listings. I’m sorry you find this so unreasonable as to warrant italics. Having a bad day?

    And unless you work for Google I don’t think you can say with any certainty that categories are treated EXACTLY the same by search engines. Why would they anyway? They are different. And even if they are treated the same, who’s to say they always will?


    Sorry, the one who’s having a bad day isn’t me.

    The differences between tags and categories have to do with the organization of your blog only, not with global tag pages and search engines.

    The Global Tag Listings at WordPress.com aggregate all published posts attached to any particular tag or category.

    (from http://en.support.wordpress.com/global-tags/ )

    Sample staff reply:

    As far as search engines are concerned, tags and categories are the exact same thing.

    ( https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tags-vs-categories-2?replies=8#post-280580 )



    Search engines don’t reveal how they weight different elements of a website to produce their results. Even to WordPress and for very good reasons. So I have to file that away as speculation.


    @panos is right.

    Tags and categories cannot be treated differently by the search engines since there is no way to assure that they are used in a certain fashion. Someone might use “milk” as a category and another might use it as a tag. Some blogging platforms do not have categories. If the search engines were, as an example, to place more emphasis on categories than tags then those platforms using tags only would be at a disadvantage when it came to search engine ranking.

    And quite truthfully with all the abuse that goes on with tags (and sometimes categories), they could end up going the same route as meta keywords and the search engines will begin to ignore them entirely.

    All the above is why I recommend focusing on keywords in the content and don’t spend a ton of time with post tags. Even with tags and categories the search engines always search content for keywords and I’ve seen many times that content will not show up with searches for tags or categories, but will show up in searches for keywords in the post itself.



    The problem with Neutra remains: each post includes a link to WP global tags when it should be pointing to the blog category. If you’re not sure what I mean try it out. Argument over whether search engines treat tags and categories differently is besides the point of the original post. Hopefully the developer will spot this.


    a) The “argument” is not beside the point, because you’re using tags and categories incorrectly.

    b) The developer has nothing to spot, and there’s no problem with Neutra: as I had already mentioned in my second reply, what you just happened to notice is not theme-dependent. In all wp.com blogs, tags and categories in your sidebar link to your relevant posts, while tags or categories in the post metadata link to the relevant global tag page (except if you’ve blocked search engines in Settings>Privacy or if the blog has been marked Mature).



    I’m not sure how to explain any clearer but here goes, for the last time. I’m referring to the first point in my original post. In Neutra, on any post, there is metadata at the bottom in two rows. The top row shows the categories that post is filed under. The bottom row contains the tags. In Neutra, both rows of links point to the WP global tag pages.

    Here is an example of a post that uses a common theme that DOES behave as you would expect: https://baroqueinhackney.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/lucian-freud-1922-2011/

    Scroll down and mouseover the metadata: category links point to categories – tags point to tags. Lovely. Not to mention useful: that way if the reader likes the post they can immediately click through to the category page to read everything else in that category, rather than having to scroll up to the sidebar.

    I initially thought this problem only occurred when the same word was used a both a tag and a category, but it’s the case on all posts.

    I’ve since contacted the developer. I’ll post an update to let you know how it progresses. Thanks anyway.


    What you’re “not sure how to explain any clearer” is already crystal clear to us. It’s also becoming crystal clear that you won’t listen no matter what we say.

    What you just happened to notice is not theme-dependent. In all wp.com blogs, […] tags or categories in the post metadata link to the relevant global tag page (except if you’ve blocked search engines in Settings>Privacy or if the blog has been marked Mature).

    (I’m omitting some other minor exceptions. And next time bold will have to become all-caps, I’m afraid…)

    Go here (under “Who’s Using This Theme?”):
    Check those three blogs to see tags and cats in the metadata working the way they’re supposed to instead of the way you (singular) “would expect”.
    Then check three randomly selected blogs using Neutra, to see their tags and cats in the metadata also behaving as they should, not as you think they should:

    “For the last time”, that’s the way wp.com blogs work. If you don’t like it, the only things you can do are a) select the middle option in Settings>Privacy, or b) buy the Custom Design upgrade and hide the cats & tags from your metadata, or c) switch to iNove, which supports this option for free.

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