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    I am experiencing a bugg with the theme “The Morning After” on my blog, can someone help me ?

    I made all my posts “sticky” and when I make a new post “not sticky” it sticks on the top of the news thread on the main page (https://rnzee.wordpress.com/), which is excactly as I want it.

    The problem is that the result on the mobile version is exactly the opposite : the post becomes the last one in the news thread

    Do I have to activate something somewhere to solve this or is it a known bugg with this theme ?

    Thank you for your help

    The blog I need help with is rnzee.wordpress.com.


    Hi rnzee,

    Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, except when a sticky is applied. Those sticky posts will be listed ahead of “normal” posts and will appear out of order. The mobile theme is displaying your posts in exactly this manner. Sticky posts first, and other posts second.

    The theme is designed to display the latest “normal” post at the very top of the left column and any post that is marked as a sticky post will appear in the ‘featured posts” section below the latest post.

    Generally, the Sticky option is only used for one or two posts on a blog. It should not be used for every post. Be sure to uncheck the Sticky option on that post to move it back to its place in chronological order.


    I’m of the opinion that everything is displaying as expected, but I understand your confusion due to the fact that the theme displays the latest “normal” post, first. If you view the latest post and featured posts (sticky posts list) as two distinct elements on your theme, then I think you can understand why each are displaying in the manner you are seeing.

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