Bug Report: Reblog display problem

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    I’ve reblogged on my site but now there is a full post appearing where there used to be a short excerpt in the reblog.

    Particularly painful:

    The blog I need help with is wpcommaven.wordpress.com.



    Yikes! I’m off to check mine. Thank goodness I rarely reblog anything.



    Today I noticed I could actually disable the reblog feature. At the bottom of the Sharing page, there is a box to uncheck.


    I can confirm this: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/now-you-can-reblog-the-whole-article-of-other-bloggers-i-hope-this-is-a-bug?replies=2#post-1643423

    Jennifer told me about her thread here so that I think it makes more sense if I write here too.

    Here is a full lenght reblog between my two blog as an example:
    original: http://techfeeling.com/2014/02/09/whoa-you-can-drink-a-beer-in-one-go-who-cares/
    reblog: http://diaryofdennis.com/2014/02/09/whoa-you-can-drink-a-beer-in-one-go-who-cares/

    Also full post as in Jennifers case.



    Thanks for the reports. That is not the intended behavior of the feature. We’re working on it.



    Thank you! Hoping for a quick resolution!


    Hope this gets fixed soon.

    All the previous reblogs from my blog to other people’s blogs are showing the full blog post even from years ago!

    And all the ones that I’ve reblogged from my own blog are showing up as full posts even from years ago!



    Things should now be improved.

    The new reblogging design is a work-in-progress, so expect further enhancements in the near future.

    Thanks, again :)


    Thanks for working on this. But I do think it is still a lot of content that gets reblogged. I think it should be much more than a small paragraph.


    Sorry I mean… it shoulnd´t be much more than one paragraph that gets reblogged. It´s still pretty much that gets reblogged.


    Thanks for fixing this technical problem so quickly. All the reblogs look fine now.



    Thank you. I have been so peeved off at the content thieves who suck my blogging time away from content creation and make me spend it on DMCA takedown notices that I have been and will continue to post these right after “the more tag” I place after the first 55 words in all of my posts:
    © All Rights Reserved – Any content reblogged from one cool site must adhere to the terms of © Copyright

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Any content reblogged from this time – this space must adhere to the terms of © Copyright All Rights Reserved </p>

    As my blogs are long established and have 953 Posts and 724 Posts, respectively, what I want now is the ability to have what I posted above retroactively inserted into each and everyone of my posts. Doing the old posts manually one post at a time would be even an even worse timesuck.


    I love that idea timethief. I really would like to see something like this too.



    I’m so tired of coping with timesuckers who steal content that I want this to become and high priority new feature for Staff to create ASAP.



    Great idea, tt.

    @jblz-thanks for the quick action!




    Now this is interesting and just confirmed something I thought I saw happen the other day, even though it is OT.

    Being the OP of this thread, I marked this as resolved after my above comment. When you posted into it, tt, the designation was removed.

    Another new feature?


    I love the “Reblog” feature and appreciate all the many others who reblog the posts from my blog.

    The “Reblog” feature has nothing to do with others copying entire blog posts.


    I am the only one who thinks that the reblogged content is still huge? I mean 228 words in three big paragraphs is pretty much for reblogged content. That means every post of your blog with under 200 words is completely duplicated if it has been reblogged in the past.



    I consider the reblog feature to be one that’s crutch for those bloggers, who lack what it takes to comprise a post of their own and insert a brief properly attributed quote with a backlink to the original post. In fact I refuse to follow any blogs at all that rely strongly on reblogs and/or that reblog their own posts. I also report every blog I find that’s full of nothing but reblogged posts to our ToS Staff so they are made private and don’t suck the pagerank out of my blogs.

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