Bug: not correctly visible on smartphone

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    I want to have a link and on his right side a file/folder.
    On the PC it is correctly visible:
    link x file
    ”link text” is a verse and ”file y” is a folder.
    On smatphone:
    – in portrait, ”link text” is not visible at all
    – in landscape, ”link text” is partially visible (like ”link te”).
    I could send you some screenshots, but I do not see the possibility to add files.

    I am not really interested in using the described layout; I am interested to obtain the following effect:
    ”link text” (this should be a text which leads to a URL)
    ”file y” (this should be a file)
    ”link text” and ”file y” should be aligned and indented related to ”file.pdf”.

    Please support.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is profunzimi.home.blog.



    @adriansod, could you send a link to the affected page or post? You can also put screenshots in https://wordpress.com/media

    For what it’s worth, I looked at your audio page and it seems to be rendering alright here, although you might consider putting some space between each song just to make things clearer. You may also consider making one post for each.



    I have added the screenshots in the mediaȘ
    PC – OK.jpg
    smartphone portrait – NOK.jpg
    smartphone landscape – still NOK.jpg

    I have changed the concept of the page and therefore I have no issue with that. Nevertheless, as it seems to be a bug, it would be better to be solved in order to avoid future problems.

    How do you suggest to add space? Which element is used for that?
    What exactly do you mean when you say to make one post for each?

    Thank you.



    Got it. I don’t know if there’s enough room on a typical smart phone screen to fit all three side by side like that…. if you look at the space you have vs what you’re trying to fit in it, you can see why things are getting squished in strange ways.

    If you need to list the full file name, please consider putting it on a separate line.

    Also, just as a recommendation, given that you’re listing various files for each title, I think you’d have better luck if you put each one in its own post or page. Then you could display the picture and what not too. You could then list those posts or pages on one one page as an index, if you’d like.



    I have considered your suggestion which seem to me very good.
    Therefore I have made an example to be sure if I correctly understood: for all the files & links under one title, I have created a page. In the ”main” page it will exist a list which will contain each title having a link to the corresponding page.

    You can see what I did a the end of this page (2 elements in the list):

    Please let me know if this is what you have thought or if there is another better/easier way. I am also not sure if a list is the best option or there is another better block to use.

    Thank you.



    What you’ve done is what I would recommend as well.

    Too much side-by-side content can often get lost on mobile screens, but moving to a more vertical-focused layout like that will help.

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