Book Lite theme: how to create a right sidebar for widgets

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    Good afternoon,
    I am using the Book Lite template and I would like to have the search/archive/categories/widgets sections appear at the right of the content. I would like to create a sidebar starting at the top right just under the feature image to showcase everything and keep it easily accessible instead of having it right at the ver bottom of the page.
    So the content would take maybe about 3/4 of the space on the left and the sidebar would take up the rest.
    What kind of changes should I make to the code?
    Thanks a lot for your help

    The blog I need help with is


    Book Lite has three footer widget areas you can use. It was not designed with a sidebar widget area, and because it is a responsive width theme so this really isn’t going to work cleanly. The reason it won’t is because you have to use position: absolute; to reposition the footer widgets and that means the float independently of the other content and will not flow and adjust for varying width screens and browser windows and will end up overlaying your content on smaller screens and narrower browser windows.



    Thanks a lot. I’ll have to find another theme I think.


    Sorry I didn’t have better news for you, but I think finding another theme would be best.


    If you’d like to check with a design consultant to see if you can hire them to make advanced changes like this (might not hurt to check), then you can fill out this form if you’re interested:

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