Boardwalk theme turns into Radcliffe 2 theme…

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    Can’t get out of the Radcliffe 2 loop…
    I’ve selected the Boardwalk theme and the themes page shows Boardwalk as being “active”. However, when I attempt to customize the theme, my editor shows a default page telling me to get the starter guide for this theme, which somehow now has become Radcliffe 2. I can’t get out of that loop. Every theme I try does this. If I click the “edit” button, I get the home page editor with Radcliffe 2 as the layout. I can’t get any other themes to work. There has to be a simple solution to this that I’m overlooking. I’m running Firefox on Mojave 10.14.2 on a Mac. Can anyone shed some light?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @holtwebbart ,

    I see you site is successfully showing the Boardwalk theme. Has your problem fixed, or does it still occur when you attempt to customize it?

    If the problem is still persisting, try deleting your browser cache. And if that doesn’t help, please let us know again here.
    Clearing Your Browser Cache

    All the best!



    It still happens, but it’s corrected if I refresh the page. And it happens whenever I leave the page and come back to it. But, again, it seems to be corrected if I refresh the page. I’ll try clearing my cache.



    @holtwebbart ,

    If refreshing the page fixes it, then it does sound like a cache problem. But I would be curious to know if that fixes it. Let us know how it goes!

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