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    I dont have a blogroll widget but would like to display my blogroll. What can I do?



    Go to Dashboard—>Blogroll

    You can Add links, manage your blogroll and import links. I hope this answers your question !


    I don’t have a blogroll widget!


    How else can I put blogroll on front page?



    the blogroll widget is a link widget. you have to go to dashboard, then presentation, then sidebar widgets. then edit from thr.


    There isn’t a ‘blogroll’ widget!



    It’s called “Links”, not “Blogroll”. Confusing, I know!



    It shows up in the sidebar, but it’s not a widget. You don’t have to add it in. It is already automatic. Just use the Blogroll function in your Dashboard and all will be well!


    Thanks folks!


    Excuse my ignorance, but I still can’t display my blogroll on my blog. Thought I’d ‘resolved’ the matter…..
    Step my step please!



    The blogroll widget is called actually called “links”. If you go here you will find the information you need



    misslionheart, go here:
    and edit the links to assign them a category.
    With the links widget in the sidebar they will pop into view :)



    There is no Blogroll “widget”. On the top of your admin area is a tab called blogroll.That is where you can add links to your favorite blogs/sites.I changed mine from Blogroll to Internet Places.Did not like the word Blogroll is all,you can call it whatever you like and will still be there in the Blogroll tab.

    There is a “links Widget also that can be used to place links on your blog.This is accessed by clicking the Presentation tab(again top of admin area) and then clicking the Sidebar.

    Inside of there,towards the bottom is a buch of boxes that are each labeled for what type of widget they are.Just click on one of the those boxes,hold down the right mouse button and drag it over to the sidebar panel.

    One this widget, is a small box with blue lines running across it.You have to click on this box to bring up another imput box which will allow you add whatever links you want to.

    When you are done adding links,just click on the x on the top-right corner and save your changes.

    It is really much easier to just use the Blogroll feature though.

    I think alot of the confusion it that there is a Blogroll tab AND a links Widget.



    I don’t get any blue lines running across my links bar when I drag it in. I have tried simply adding the links bar and then adding links to my blogroll and this still doesn’t show up anywhere on the page. I’ve tried everything. Any ideas?



    The links widget does not have the icon with blue lines on the right side of it because it does not require configuration. If you have not deleted the DEFAULT category “blogroll” from your categories then following the instructions will result in it appearing in your sidebar. If however you have eliminated the DEFAULT blogroll category and not replaced it with another DEFAULT category the blogroll of links will not appear.

    Step 1
    Please do this -> dashboard -> categories -> manage -> categories
    Do you see a category called “blogroll”? If not then in the categories box type in Blogroll and click “add”.

    Go to your blogroll where you have added the links -> dashboard -> blogroll
    Look at each one you entered there. Have you assigned each one of the links to a category? If not then you must do so by editing each one and assigning it to a category and be sure to save each one after you edit. (Remember Blogroll is your default category.)

    Step 3
    Now follow the instructions for dragging and dropping the links widget into sidebar and clicking “save changes” is next and the instructions for doing that are here

    Happy blogging:)



    @drmike and podz
    I have now added a “troubleshooting” section to widget wizardry. ;)



    I might have dreamt this but I thought I read Lorelle saying that WordPress could dynamically rotate the blogroll.

    So, for large blogrolls, WP would rotate 20 blogs at a time. I searched her excellent blog to no avail.

    Am I going mad ? If so, can I suggest it as a feature ?



    hi dear its new one on wordpress hows everybody



    Hi there. I noticed you haven’t started your blog yet but have already left a comment on mine. Here are some resources to help you get started. At the head of the forum you will find a pink sticky post called answers to the most frequently asked questions
    There is also the FAQs blog to consult
    This is a support forum. This is a forum thread about blogroll links widgets. does not have chat forums like yahoo or myspaces. If you have a specific question that you can’t find the answer to in these materials on bloroll links widgets I’d be glad to try answering it.


    I’ve spent so long here trying to work out how to edit a particular link to show up on my blog. Its there in front of me staring, I know! I go to ‘links’ look at the person who’s blog I want to appear on my front page under ‘Links’ but can’t work out how to put it there! Help

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