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    I was hoping someone would be able to help me with this problem. I started up a new blog this last month, but every time I visit the page, it treats me like a regular visitor. There isn’t an Edit button beside my posts, and there isn’t a header that lets me begin a new post. The only header I get is “Create your own website at” There’s a follow button and an option to “log in” at the bottom…but I’m already logged in.

    I’ve never had this problem with my other site. Every time I visit that one, I get the header that says “My Sites,” “Reader,” “Write,” and my profile picture. That’s what I want my new blog to have, too.

    Hope someone can help! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    I would say your are logged in to the wrong account. What is the URL of your site on the platform you can ‘t edit?



    I’ve only got the one account, so I don’t think it was that…. URL is

    I figured out that clearing my cache and cookies was able to fix it. Not sure why it had trouble in the first place. Part of me thinks it was a Google problem, because I had a similar issue on YouTube with my Google account… Hm. At least it’s fixed now.

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