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    Just went into my dashboard and my blog theme has changed and all my widgets are missing. I am the only with admin access and I made no changes. Any ideas what happened?

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi pattinsonstateofmind,

    The Cutline theme has been replaced by the Coraline theme. You can find out more about this change in this thread:


    @pattinsonstateofmind If you were using the default widgets that came with Cutline, they would have briefly disappeared after the switch to Coraline. They now have the same default widgets set and, if you have no widgets in use at Appearance → Widgets, they should be the same.


    The inactive widgets do not have the text in them..!



    Yep, you’re right. The inactive widgets are empty. That’s where all your former widgets SHOULD be. All my text widgets are empty. All my custom made buttons and images have disappeared. My advice? As soon as you get your text/image widgets looking the way you want again, copy the whole shebang into a notepad or word document. If this ever happens again, you can open a new text/image widget, paste the html from the notepad/word doc, into the widget body, and you’ll have your stuff back again.

    That’s what I did. Dunno what made me save it all in the first place a few months ago, but I’m glad I did, now.



    I go to my blog this evening and lo and behold, all the widgets and buttons I spent time getting just right have disappeared. My blog looks like someone threw up on it. Are you kidding me? What a total dick move on WP’s part. Same goes for the forced Coraline transition. The Neil Gaiman reference just makes it worse. (Would it have been that hard to email everyone who uses the Cutline theme saying the transition’s coming? You’ve got everyone’s email address, don’t you?) Please fix this. Now.


    Found everything on my blog with switch from Cutline to Coraline, but not too complicated. However, I do think that should have given its users a lot more notice, via e-mail – not just a random post on the forums.


    What the frick?!?

    Our blog is developing a major following and I just checked the blog to see that nothing is there anymore but some blades of fricking grass!!!

    Could someone have just warned us about this “upgrade”?!! I read about it but didn’t know that “phasing out” the format would mean just dropping our blog off the face of the planet. And then, on top of that, “Support” is out on some revelatory retreat?!?

    Give me a break!

    What the heck am I suppose to do now? Spend more hours setting up our blog AGAIN?!?

    Thanks a lot wordpress.

    I am totally unimpressed with how you handled, or actually didn’t handle, this change.


    Ok, same problem. Form Cutline to Coraline, forced. Ok, cool. BUT…i don’t any WIDGET anymore! Please, tell me how to recover everything !!


    Mine is f’ed too. I had alot of custom widgets and this is ridiculous and hideous, and irritating amount of time to recover everything!


    Ok, i just switched again to Coraline after changing twice my theme yesterday ad now the old widgets are again there like before…well, i hope it will never happen again…


    We’re sorry if you’ve experienced any interruptions with your blog layout. Custom CSS users were notified in advance that Cutline would be replaced with Coraline and we’ve been working with them since that announcement to make sure the transition between themes is as smooth as possible.

    If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they’re not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you out.


    All my widgets and text widgets have disappeared. Unable to recover since I’m not even sure what I had up there to begin with. Copyright disclaimers gone, gravatar gone, everything GONE!



    I can’t even PUT ON widgets in my blog! :(

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