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    My private blog (on a free WP account) was suspended around 8 hours ago for no reason. The administration did not send any notice prior to that. I have already contacted support – both though my dashboard and general support, but they keep silence.

    I can not open any of my blog posts or drafts, though i can still see statistics. The “export” service did not work as expected, and exported only a small XML file. I have tried to transfer this XML to other WP domain and restore data, but a fresh WP domain also got blocked in minutes.

    Taking all the abovementioned into account, i have several questions:

    1) Is there a slightest chance to save my data for free? If yes, how do i do that?

    2) How much time do i have before my account gets terminated?

    3) If a fresh domain is getting blocked immediately, how do i use the WP export service at all? It seems a pretty obsolete option then.

    4) Will i be able to restore my data if i pay 129$?

    5) Is it possible to delete the “prohibited” info and keep the blog going?

    Waiting for a moderator’s answer!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @relinqquish
    Suspended sites are not assisted here on the public forums. Please contact the Terms of Service team by using the link provided on the notice of your dashboard.

    If you cant’ find any notice or link on your dashboard you can use the form given in this page: to contact the ToS team.


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