Blog rings?

  • Back many years ago, when I was a young Xanga user, there were groups of blogs called blog rings to help us connect to others who share the same interests. Is there anything like this which can be used with wordpress?

    I am aware that it is possible to create ad-hoc blog rings merely by linking, but does wordpress have any sort of organized system to implement a directory of rings and members?

    If not, what would it take to implement this feature?

  • Here on clicking on any tag or category in your Post will connect you to a Global Tag Page with other blogs writing about the same kinds of interest.

    Barring that, there’s also this page

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    but does wordpress have any sort of organized system to implement a directory of rings and members? …

    No does not have this.

  • yes I was looking for something similar to a blog ring.

    I guess tagging it is :/

  • I’m not aware of any wordpress only blog rings, but there are many blog rings that are not site specific. There is no reason why you can’t list your wordpress blog on one of those.

  • You would still have to use links, but it works if you agree on link exchanges.

  • Blog rings per se are hopelessly antiquated. As a semiprofessional linkblogger, I’d advise you that the done thing lately is just to agree to link to one another’s blogs X number of times in X number of days. NOBODY clicks on sidebar links anymore. Seriously, nobody. Do you?

  • Antiquated or not, fiber-related blog rings are still active and number in hundreds of sites. But as a result the rings are poorly maintained leading to broken rings and unhappy user experiences.Just my 2 cents.

    On sidebar links in general, the longer and more inclusive your blogroll is, I think users overlook them. My rule: keep it short, keep it relevant. And FWIW, my primary blog’s blogroll gets regular clicks while my photoblog gets very little traffic. Go figure.

  • ‘hundreds of sites’

    Exactly. We just have different frames of reference. I get hits every day from’s blogroll, but that’s because it has literally millions of daily readers.

    In my opinion, the best way to get readership or to give reaadership is to do it in the posts; advertising has conditioned us to not even look at sidebars.

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