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    How do I make specific blog post go under the menu bar tabs? I’m able to create different headings for the menu bar, but can’t get any blog post to be filed under them

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @amandabconley ,

    I just checked your site. You’re close! Just a little more tweaking and you should get what you’re after. :)

    From what I can see, you seem to have created new pages with the titles “Faith”, “Health” and “Travel” and added them to your menu. Am I correct to presume you want each of these to lead you to a page with all the posts of that category? For example, do you want your “Travel” tab to lead you to the following page?

    To achieve this…

    1. Click “My Sites” > “Customizer” from the left menu of your site.
    2. Click on “Menus” > “Primary”.
    3. Click “Add Items”. In the new pop-out window, find “Categories”. Clicking that should give you a list of the Categories you use on your site.
    4. Click the plus symbol next to the category you want to add to your menu.
    5. Once you have added these, you can delete the pages you currently have in your menu by clicking on the red X next to their names.

    If you are looking to link specific posts to your menu, not the category page, then under step 3 above, choose “Posts” and select the posts you want to include.

    I hope this helps. Let us know how you go. All the best!
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    Hi, Thank you so much @musicsuzuranbcb This worked perfectly!!



    Great! Happy to hear it was what you were looking for. Cheers! :)

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