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    I follow a blog called but for months now, I have not received email notifications of their daily posts. I have tried unfollowing and following again but it never works. It is infuriating to say the least.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you receiving notifications from other blogs you follow?


    Oh yes. Although I suspect there are others I’m not getting. I’m pretty sure about this because there are some blogs I’ve suddenly realised I’ve not been getting anything from. I’ve checked their posts are up to date and tried the unfollow/follow button as detailed before and in these cases it has worked. Just not for ArtLark.



    HI there,

    Make sure you set it so that you are receiving post notifications. Please log into and click on Edit next to Blogs I Follow. Once you are there, make sure that you have the post notifications set to Instant.

    Let me know if you have any questions with this!


    I’ve always checked this in Blogs I Follow but it’s not made any difference. In the middle of the night I received the subscription confirmation email which I had previously not received when unfollowing and following again. However, I shall have to wait and see if I receive notification when they publish today’s post. I’ll keep you posted!



    Hi there,

    Grace is out for a few days, so I’m checking in on her tickets. Did you happen to receive any post notifications yet? Let me know!





    I just dug through our email records and it looks like we sent you an email for since you re-signed up. Have you checked your spam/trash folders or any other filters you may have set up?


    Yes, I received the subscription confirmation email as I said above but nothing else. I check spam regularly and have done for all the months during which I’ve not received anything and have unfollowed and followed



    Thanks for the additional information. I have put this in front of some of our developers so that they can look further in to why you aren’t receiving emails from this one blog. As soon as I have any additional information I will let you know!



    Hi there,

    Sorry that it’s been a couple of days, but it looks like this situation has been resolved. Our records show that the Artlark email was sent to your address when they posted their most recent post. Would you mind checking to see if you got it?



    I’m afraid I’ve received nothing.



    I am so sorry to hear that it’s still not working right. I have let our developers know that the issue is still ongoing, so they’ll dig back in to this.

    Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


    Thank you for your patience in dealing with it! I wait with bated breath.



    I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we were able to track down why you aren’t getting notifications for’s posts.

    Notifications are only sent out when any particular article is posted for the first time. In the case of artlark, they are reposting articles which they originally posted this time last year. As such, our system is not re-notifying subscribers.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


    I’m so sorry for the delay but I’ve been having connection problems.

    The reason you give seems absurd as I haven’t see any of these posts before and I was going on there everyday to read and like before this reposting. Does know that this is what happens? I’m sure they and every other blogger would want these notifications to be sent out. After all, re-blogs and ‘pressed’ posts get sent out.

    I look forward to hearing from you.




    I apologize that it may appear absurd, but it is indeed the case. If, as in this case, a site chooses to take a previous post from a year ago and update the date of publication so that it is now showing a publication date of March 2015 instead of 2014, then our systems do not re-email any subscribers. It is a safeguard which is in place to prevent blog owners from misusing our systems and spamming subscribers.

    As I am unsure the motivations of the authors of, I do not know whether or not they are aware of this limitation to our notification system. You are welcome to comment on their site to let them know, however!


    I will do so. Thank you for all your help!



    No problem. Have a really great week.



    I’ve now left a message on explaining the situation and asking for their feedback. But I need to give you another blog that has suddenly stopped sending notifications – I know there are others but it’s remembering when you follow so many blogs! What’s the reason here?

    Sarah | First Night Design

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