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    I somehow set my blog post as my home screen on my website, which I love because that’s the first thing you see going to the website. But when I go to my pages, I added a ‘blog’ page along with my services and about and contact pages and it doesn’t take my viewers back to those posts of my blog



    Hey there — can you send a link to your site?

    I see one here but it’s got a static front page, and the blog page shows blog posts. If you want those to be the front page, that’s totally okay! I’d recommend just removing the blog page at that point, or adding category pages:

    You could also keep the front page as is and display a list of the last few blog posts if you’d like:

    And, if the site on the account is not the one you’re referring to, do send a link to the right site. We’ll check it out and point you in the right direction for support.

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