Blog page not displaying last or any article. Also, sidebars help.

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    Lost last one…again:
    Hello, thank you for your help. (1) My blog/site is . Home is static page 1 intended. Blog is page 2. The site is not new but lately the blog page is not displaying at least the last article post. It is a blank page except for “comments” and “like” at the top. Is there a way to display at least the last article? More is ok too. I send clients here for help information and a blank page doesn’t work well, and they may not see links to the side. I was able to place titles in the right sidebar, and make the archives a drop down to save space. For a long time this did display articles but does not now. Second topic: (2) As you notice, I use the vigilance theme and it is great. Please tell me why the narrow sidebar at the right is called “wide sidebar” in the dashboard and holds the widgets. Why isn’t the wide central column called wide sidebar? There appears to be a wide sidebar and two narrow ones available. I wanted to add a few links to my website but am at a loss as to where they could reside. Thank you so much. Judy, (email redacted).

    The blog I need help with is



    On the Settings->Reading page make sure you have set the page “Blog” to be where the blog posts go. That’s a new thing.

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