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    My major question is that I cannot seem to create a page that is for the blog. (the site is I wanted to make the page ‘morning covfefe’ as the blog.

    Plus, can I make a second blog with a different name?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi michaelkcole,

    It seems that you may have more than one blog under this account, so please try going to your dashboard here and clicking on the “Switch Site” button at the top right corner. If the blog “” can be selected, please select this site and click on “Add” next to Site Pages on the right panel.

    For creating another blog, you can do so by clicking on “Switch Site” again, and clicking on “Add new site” at the bottom.

    Please let me know if this solves the issue you’re having.



    What I am trying to do is have the Blog option show up in the menu. I have tried changing themes. I am not sure if I deleted something by accident or not.

    I have the option to write the blog, just nowhere to put it.



    and I am not sure why, but it added that I needed help with techupyourhome….. I do not. I need it with thewittyliberal

    It is most confusing…the other sites I have all have the blog in the menu.


    Thank you for the follow up information. Please try the method below to add a Blog page link to your menu:

    Go to your theme customizer here and click on Menus -> Primary and the click on Add Items to add the Blog page to your menu. After you’ve done this, back out of this menu and go to Static Front Page. Make sure you have “A static page” selected and from there you can select your Posts page. Make sure to set this to Blog and voila. Your posts should show up there.

    Please give the above a try and also see the documentation on this here:

    As for what blog shows up under your help request, you can change this by going here and changing your primary account to the site you would like to show up when you write a forum post.

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