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    Hi everyone.
    I recieve a lot of spam by the same IP address at least three times a day and I have only been able to find answers on how to block IP address on my computer, not on the blog. Searching the forum here, is not yielding any answers either, but does anyone know hot I can block this guy?

    The blog I need help with is





    The thing is, IP addresses are no longer unique, so if they are using a normal ISP (slave spammer labor using their own computer and internet connection) there is a chance that you would be blocking a lot of legitimate users. ISPs will sometimes assign hundreds of people to a single IP address.

    Is Akismet catching them? If so, then no problem. Just delete them and don’t worry.

    If Akismet is not catching them, then mark them as spam so that Akismet can learn and in a day or two, they will be banished to the spam folder.


    Thanks, I´ll try to first mark them as spam so Akismet learns it and then I just delete them right away after that?



    It’s possible to block by IP address if it’s only one IP address (or reader) that’s causing the problem by going to discussion settings (see: then add the IP to the ‘Comment Blacklist’.


    I´ll definitely try that, sounds like it will then block the IP address immediately. Thanks a lot:)


    @linearfix, that does not block them. All that does is send them to the moderation queue. You need to mark them as spam so Akismet will learn and begin to catch them. Spammers change tactics all the time to get around all the spam filters, so this is absolutely not the last time you will see this while you are blogging. It is an ongoing battle that we all have to wage.


    One thing I will suggest is that you set your site under settings > discussion so that first time commenters require moderation. That will keep them from getting onto the site and you have the opportunity to spam them.



    @thesacredpath Whoops! Reread the support and it says ‘Comment Blacklist is very similar to the Comment Moderation list, but when something matches here, the comment is marked as spam instead of held for moderation.’ Thanks for the correction, I guess the blacklist could help in that they get marked as spam straight away.


    Actually, you are right. If you put them in the blacklist, then they go to spam right away.

    The issue is that you don’t want to do that with an IP address as I said since it might inadvertently catch a bunch of innocents in the blast.

    The problem I’ve noticed with spammers lately is even though the IP is the same, they use different email addresses, usernames and websites when they comment so your blacklist section can get huge really quickly. Right now I have 4 spammers that just append a number to the end of their username, and right now they are using 1-9 so I would have to put all of those usernames into the blacklist.

    No matter what, it is an irritating thing to deal with. Right now I’m getting anywhere from 50 to 450 spams per day, but luckily 99% of them are caught by the spam filter.

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