bg is not transparent after update to php72

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    I’ve been in contact with my support at my hosting place (Dreamhost). We’ve tried to de-bug from their part but it seems it’s not working the way it should?

    They updated their php to php72. The transparent background on the site (which is now white) as well as the drop down menu-images (that are now black, gray when hovering) are not showing at all. I updated everything I found that was out of date on my site from my part, but no change.

    The support said that this is not on their side, he tried everything from mySQL restore to Domain restore but it doesn’t work to get the transparent background and the menu back on track.

    According to the support at dreamhost, it’s some plugin that might not be working with the new php? Can someone please help me to find out where and which one so I might remove it and get the layout back? I’m using the twentyten theme which I have edited to my liking.

    I’m at my wits end and I’m far from a coding expert (more like a rookie or n00b) :(

    Can someone please help me with this? (I’m not sure this is the right forum for it, but I cross my fingers it is and I’ll get help with it!)

    This is the latest e-mail from the support at my domain when he’d tried everything he could come up with without luck:

    DreamHost Customer Support Team
    6:07 AM (7 hours ago)
    to me

    Hello Nova,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble, but this appears to be due to
    some of the plugins you have selected. The powr series of plugins are
    several versions behind, and you would need to contact the developer for assistance with getting the data to
    work in newer WordPress. (The latest versions have been tested as working
    with WordPress 5.3.2, but older versions may not work as expected in
    newer WordPress, unfortunately)

    I had tried to revert the database and files to older versions to see
    about tracking down compatibility issues, but found that we don’t have an
    older copy from the original upgrade. And certain functions that were
    throwing fatal errors, referred to older PHP versions. (Such as the split
    function used by some of the plugins/theme, which was removed in php7)
    so, now php56 is too old, and php72 and WordPress 5.3.2 is too new

    The missing information(on how to handle the transparent background)
    would be linked to those plugins that are having trouble.
    I am sorry that I do not have better news, but I tried every trick I know
    in these sort of instances. This is an issue for the plugin developers.
    When I enabled the debugging options, there are errors outputted to the
    wp-content/debug.log file that may be able to assist them with narrowing
    down the cause (I am not familiar with their exact upgrade process as
    they seem to have switched to an account/subscription model)


    Here are screen prints. (The bg and drop down menus are not working no matter if I’m on my phone, my home computer or my work computer).

    My site I’m having trouble with is found here:

    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is


    Ok.. not sure where the “blog I need help with” showed up… it’s not accurate! It’s the site that I need help with! NOT my blog!



    Hi there,

    Ok.. not sure where the “blog I need help with” showed up… it’s not accurate!

    That was included because you are posting in the forums for the hosting platform,, and is the primary site in your account., on the other hand, is not a site, and we cannot help with that site here in the forums as we don’t have any control over it. That site is using the open source software on Dreamhost’s servers.

    Please post in the self-hosted WordPress forums instead for help, or contact support for the specific plugin causing the issue directly, as Dreamhost support advised you in the message you quoted above:


    Oh I’m sorry! I must have missunderstood then (english is not my native language). I will contact dreamhost again then, hopefully they can help if I get on the right support area!

    Sorry for the trouble! >_< And thank you for the quick reply! :)

    best regards,

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