Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch?

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    This is a real shame. Thank you for the workarounds. To whom can I address my disappointment in the inadequacy of the new editor and/or my plea that the old editor remain available for as long as possible?



    I, like everyone else here, don’t want a work-around! That is a waste of time and just further complicates things!
    Also, how many long-term customers use touch-screen devices to routinely create or edit their posts? 1 out of a million I bet. So why would you focus the design on that?
    Why would intentionally release a major update without truly understanding what the customers want?
    At least give us (paying customers) the option to not use the permanent “update” as we don’t want the work-around. We want things the way they were.



    Nothing new to add beyond saying this Beep Beep thing is ridiculous, takes a while to load, and doing tags and categories is back to manual which means scroll searching, not fun, and yea, it looks and feels so effin childish…



    Volunteers are not suitable for such instances. needs to bring in its developers, who should – for once in their lives sit down and listen to their users.

    As for the “blaming” thing, well, let me tell you that “workarounds” like these only serve to tell the user “you’re stupid for not jumping through a bunch of hoops”.’s user/customer support is pathetic, and piss-poor.



    just checked this “improvement” –

    IT SUCKS – you need the bee bop junk since the pig is so slow loading as to be useless – crippled editor – I edit old Posts on a regular basis this is a great leap back – now things are much harder to do

    I would opine on where someones head was when they approved this but that is against the forum rules –

    dudes – you are supposed to be making things better not worse – the junk editor with the save button way at the top and no ability to pin the important things to the top – the broken paste –

    you all be lucky you not working for me – some of you would not be any more – and you would never survive in a real factory environment – the users would have ran you off the property some time back – the good old blue collar workers would have made sure you never “fixed” anything else here –


    Also, I must point out that it’s idiotic on behalf of any company to assume that anyone would prefer to type long posts on a touchscreen rather than do it on a real keyboard. Pro/semi-pro/serious amateur users even shell out big money for mechanical, tactile keyboards. What sort of drugs would anyone have to take (and in what amounts) to think such users would accept a UI that’s suitable only for the delusional hipsters that think tablets are valid devices for blogging?


    I have to agree with almost everyone here who is pointing out the ABSOLUTELY unprofessional way that WordPress have made these retrograde changes with no information in advance for bloggers and the extremely childish use of a nonsensical message that has frustrated us all. Damage limitation messages from ‘volunteers’ (really?) are simply that and the condescending tone hardly helps. As Mona suggests, roll back the changes and don’t fob us off with ‘workarounds’ that make blogging awkward.



    Welcome to the world of Open Source Software development, where skids (script kiddies) think open source is an excuse for poor code, no customer support, and a holier-than-thou attitude (encouraged by that paranoid guru Mr. Richard Stallman).



    Aaaaaand in Latest Update news, staff have requested that we add our “constructive” feedback (meaning uncritical) to a thread that only the staff and the original poster can post to.

    This just gets worse and worse.



    @monaeberhardt as the person who discovered the workarounds, I don’t appreciate your feedback. I didn’t post those to tell you that you were stupid, nor did I post them to make you jump through hoops. I posted them to solve a problem I didn’t cause.

    You are welcome to solve your own from now on.



    Phew, that was a fright, getting the beep beep boop and just a cramped little editing thingy instead of the wide sweeping field I love – plust that “view post” doesn’t seem to do anything !

    Hey Raincoaster, thanks so much for that, bless you :))

    thanks Timethief for putting it up in repeat :))

    Mabel Amber



    @andyliving “I just talked to a tech support via chat.
    Theses useless and upsetting changes are permanent!” … I wouldn’t assume that from one tech support person.



    The editor tries to open the preview in a pop-up window, so if you have pop-ups blocked in your browser (as most of us do) you won’t get the preview. It still works in the dashboard editor, though.



    Latest Update news, staff have requested that we add our “constructive” feedback (meaning uncritical) to a thread that only the staff and the original poster can post to.

    Translation: we didn’t expect such a vocal and negative reaction to this change but rather admit we were wrong, we’ll just pay lip service to acknowledge this then go back into hiding until you see things our way. Please?



    That’s a positive interpretation, actually. I’m interpreting it more as “We don’t know what your problem is, but go post here about it” combined with blythe unawareness that nobody can post there.

    They’ll get it once this thread tops 200 comments. It’s at 153 now.



    I’m trying out a backchannel to staff to see if I can’t at least get either staff participation in this thread or a new thread where actual users can post.



    the preview

    Thanks for clarifying.
    HOwever, I was not clicking on “preview” but on “view post” right at the top, expecting it would take me to the blog post, as published.

    Wait, I just tried again, and now that “view post” link, to the right of the green bar with “You have just created a post. Nice!” *does* indeed work.
    Hooray, nice.



    I misunderstood. I’m glad it’s working now, though.



    Raincoaster, your comments support my general sense, which is that there is something arrogant at the heart of WP.



    Probably best of everyone calmed down and wait a day or two to see what happens. They said there was no going back on the changes to picture editor but they did and I expect to see them make some tweaks here as well. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and a little time to respond. They must be shocked by the angry response! And don’t knock the volunteers!

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