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    I’m using the WordPress theme (self hosted) and have added a Background image using the customise feature. I want this image to fill the screen, but this is not working (due to its container perhaps?).

    I’ve used the following code, and while this displays most of the image, it depends on the width of the screen. I’ve tried using background:cover but this doesn’t show as much of the image as when I use a fixed padding amount.

    Any ideas of the correct way I should do this?

    #masthead-stringr {
    	background-position: center top!important;

    Hi there,

    I checked your site and it appears you’re in the wrong forum. Although your site is connected to via Jetpack, it is using the open source software and you need to seek help at these forums:

    These forums are for hosted sites only. Since we do not have access to self-hosted sites, we are unable to provide any direct assistance to your issue. I would reach out to your site host for help.


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