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    Based on the Modularity lite theme that I have, I’m trying to change my
    background that I created in PS to fit the entire page. I currently have a
    gradation background tiled, but as you can see it shows the seams of
    the background because of the image size.

    Appreciate some guidance on this. I’ve a variety of backgrounds l like to check to try out but need some direction with the background image size.

    thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ll need to use some custom CSS to make the image fit the entire page. The CSS at the following Pastebin link should work for you:


    You’ll also want to navigate to your Dashboard > Appearance > Background and set the background attachment to fixed.


    It seems I do need to use some form of CSS to make even
    the tiniest of changes. I’m holding off on the CSS upgrade
    at the moment. Not much patience/time with coding. ;)

    I did switch the background to fix while in the tile mode, which eliminated the line break in the background.


    Glad that was all you needed to do for now.

    If you do want to do any design tweaks to your theme (outside of changing the background or header image, though), it would be a good idea to learn at least a little CSS. It’s not complicated at all though! Basically the idea is to “target” what you want to change, and apply a “rule” to it to make the change.

    I’d suggest reading the Support article on CSS basics for a better explanation. If all else fails, the support forums are here if you get stuck.


    Yes, will do! Now at days everything is DIY when it comes to
    designing one’s social home pages. I’m certain I would be obsessing over every little detail.. that’s where my patience/time comes into play. ;)

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