Automattic Publication theme not customisable as advertised

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    This theme advertises the option to “Pick your favorite colors to lend your personal flair” and shows a bunch of color variations we would like to use – but there is nowhere to do this under customize!
    I have installed jetpack, made no difference. I have searched and tried every customizable option, nothing. Just moving widgets and menus.
    Am I missing something?
    I do not want to futz around with css.
    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is




    The color options described in the opening paragraph of the Publication theme guide are available at Customize > Colors & Backgrounds. Simply click the Pallettes button, choose from the optional palettes, and save your changes by clicking the Publish button.



    No Customize Colors option, that’s the problem!

    I can’t upload a screen grab, but here is the full list of the top level theme customization options I have:
    – Site Identity
    – Menus
    – Widgets
    – Homepage Settings
    – Additional CSS

    That’s it! Nothing to customize colors at all. Or any of the other usual customization choices.



    Thanks for the additional information. What’s the address of the site that you’re referring to? The site that was automatically identified in the OP is not a site, and it has the theme Esotera applied.



    It is that site identified in the OP, I applied the Esotera site to make it look better :)
    It isn’t a site. I didn’t see that it had to be?
    I downloaded the jetpack plugin as suggested.



    Well, your initial support request refers to the Publication theme, not Esotera, and what is available at Customize is dependent, in part, upon the theme applied.

    I don’t know if JetPack is a factor in this case, so I’ve passed it along to staff. Staff will respond here.



    Hi there,

    Those built-in color options only apply to the version of this theme, as that’s a feature. Jetpack does not add support for this particular feature to any theme on self-hosted sites.

    If you’re using the self-hosted version of this theme, you’ll either need to use custom CSS, or create a child theme, to change the color scheme.

    For help with CSS you can post in the forums for this theme at For help with creating a child theme you’ll need to get help from a professional designer/developer. You can find freelancers that do this type of work at a service like



    ok thanks for your clarification
    I had no idea the templates functioned differently, just searched for templates and ended up with this one. Bit confusing!
    But thanks anyway for the help.



    You bet. If it helps, this version should be showing somewhat different language:

    If you’re seeing a note about customizing colors on a listing that’s not here on, send a link and we’ll see if we can get that corrected.


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