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    It has come to my attention that Automattic has begun infringing upon blog owner’s First Amendment by joining other media hosts in dismantling certain blogs it deems inappropriate or some other excuse to delete them.
    This flies in the face of Automattic’s own published defense of our American rights.

    The three blogs I have frequented that now mysteriously disappeared are American Everyman (, Fellowship of the Minds ( and Jay’s Analysis (

    I have never seen a single instance of these blogs violating Automattic’s terms of service (much less them all doing so simultaneously), but they do write about uncomfortable topics to certain groups of people that don’t want that information published.

    Automattic is helping the forces of evil squash those that speak up in the fight against evil.

    It is unacceptable.



    It is policy not to discuss suspended sites on the forums, just like it is policy where only the site owner can appeal for a site suspension to be reversed.

    That can be done by filling out the form on this page: is adequate on allowing freedom of speech on their platform, but there are specific boundaries which are published, and sites can be suspended for them:

    When they are, such as the examples you listed, it is something which cannot be discussed in these forums, and it is up to the site owner to fill out the form which the team will review.


    Member is adequate

    Apologies, typo there. Meant to read “ is adamant”.



    So, discussion of blog deletion, in general, is not allowed either? That would be really convenient, but unsurprising.

    Irregardless of which blog is concerned, I find it impossible that these somewhat like-minded readerships are being deprived simultaneously as the mass deletion of similar social media personalities is occurring.

    Just a coincidence, I am sure.



    If a site is suspended, then it is up to the owner to use the form shared, and all forum threads can do is link to that form. That’s always been the case, and has no correlation with what other companies are doing.



    I understand. And I a not discussing another individual’s blog any more.

    However, my blog has been in operation since 2007. Until this rash of deletions happened, I have NEVER seen such a mass deletion by WordPress on sites that I frequent.

    I am sure it is just a coincidence and was not inspired by all the mass of other deletions in cyberspace of like-minded informationalists.

    Its is weird how that happens sometimes.



    I can’t comment on the suspension process, I don’t work for Automattic and I’m just a volunteer. What I can tell you though is that sites have been suspended for many years, an additional three isn’t surprising, especially if they’ve broken the guidelines/conditions.

    By using, you represent and warrant that your Content and conduct do not violate these Terms or the User Guidelines

    If those blogs claim not to have violated this, then the owners are welcome to use the form previously linked, which is all we can direct you.



    An additional three is extremely surprising seeing that I have read these three for years and now, simultaneously with the massive mass social media deletions occurring, they all were deleted at the same time.

    Nothing to see here. (Except what is glaringly obvious to any thinking person)


    Hi buelahman,

    As @torres126 mentioned, we cannot discuss suspended sites or other issues related to Terms of Service on these forums. The site owner can contact us from this page if they need any more information:

    However, please be aware that we are unable to discuss suspended sites with anyone other than the owner.

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