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    Hi. I have not used my accessed my account in a few years but have been thinking about blogging again. There are posts I want to remove but I remember once I tried deleting them one by one, the effort got fairly exhausting when dealing with posts that contain many images.

    I was wondering if it now has a housekeeping feature similar to this?



    Hi there,

    For what site is this?

    That plugin is used to automatically delete image files from the media library if you delete the post they’re attached to. It’s not a way to delete multiple posts at once. And using that plugin on would also require our Business Plan. There is no such feature built into by default.

    If you want to delete multiple posts at the same time, you can bulk-delete posts by going to the WP-Admin interface.

    You can also bulk-delete files from the media library from either My Sites or WP-Admin by selecting multiple images and then deleting them all at once.



    Sorry, should have been more clear when I made that post. I read the instructions and understand what the plug-in does. “automatically delete image files from the media library if you delete the post they’re attached to.” is exactly what I want not bulk delete posts. The problem I have is with all the images left behind in the media library that I do not know if they’re safe to remove, not knowing if they belong to other posts or the ones I have removed.



    Thanks for clarifying. The only option on is to delete the media files manually, unless you want to upgrade to the Business Plan to use that plugin.

    However, keep in mind that even with that plugin, you might end up removing images that are being used elsewhere: an image is attached to a post the first time you publish a post containing the image. But let’s say a few months later you publish another post, and you re-use the existing image from the library. The image will remain attached to the first post where you used it. Now later you go and delete that original post. If the attached image is deleted from the library at the same time, it will also disappear from the second post where you added it.

    If I had to guess, I’d say this is why this is one of the reasons why this isn’t just how the WordPress software works by default. And as there’s no way to restore deleted media after the fact, it’s really safer to never have media deleted automatically, even if it’s not quite as convenient.

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